[Oneness] [00]

(‘Art as Art’ pp. 105 to 107)

Shadow of the spiritual [01], the one, the good [02]

(Sign, image, universe of sense [03] only) purest, most equivocal

Movement beyond itself toward its idea [04]

Intensified, purified, exalted, awesome nearness of center [05]

Purgative, illuminative, unitive [06], most secret working [07]

Innermost essence, perfection inner concentration [08]

A principle of its own which however capable of historical evolution,

yet remains unchanged in essence [09]

No “lowest common denominator” but highest

Secondlessness [10], secondarinessless, non-duality, unmixed being [11]

Mystical ascent [12] ( – separation from error [13], evil

( –        “       from world of appearances [14], sense

(attractions [15]

( – “the divine dark” [16] – “luminous darkness” [17]

First, light, then cloud, finally dark [18]

Yearning for further vision [19] –> vision beyond vision [20]

Neither choice nor chance [21], chance not choice

No Part of the flux [22], fluxum & jetsum

“Let’s get the flux outa here”

Always seen as something new, strange, wonder [23].

Never exhaust desire to see more [24]

“One” over by it, “oneder,” “onederfull”

Awareness of hidden things [25], look toward what is hidden [26]

Avest for that which has no dimension, no time [27]

Nothing to take hold of, neither place, time, measure, nor anything else [28].

Beyond essence, inconceivability

Beyond light, limit, the unmixed, the unfettered

the unchangeable, the untrammeled 

Intangible, invisible, illimitable

Beyond “ seeing,” beyond foul and fair [29]

Of what transcends all affirmation.

What is beyond all negation [30] beyond becoming

Advance toward the formless, what is without contour, 

Encountering nothingness [31]

Contemplate supreme principle [32] of the one, hold to unity [33]

The one does not contain any difference, always present [34]

The one is not in some one place [35], pinpoint, pigeonhole

The one not aspire to us, we aspire to it [36], achievement

At home with voids, reality, and self sums, products of zero

“Not that”, it is “no thing”, “nil”, “nothing” [37]

“A non-rendering of non-experience” [38]

turning up as dark shadow, spreading stain, widening fissure
Nay-sayers, underminers [39]
Absurd [40], nausea [41], negativity, cold wind of nothing, blankness [42]
Nothing is the whole, or at least the central, tune [43]

Masters of voidness

Flaubert, Melville, Mallarme [44]

Bottomless doubt” [45]

Sum of all enigmas, deliberately thwarts every system of inquiry and interpretation

Pervasive presence [46]

Interstices of void [47] provide perspective, depth, significant distance

Unnamable” [48]

Sense of an ending,” paradigm of apocalypse [49]

Structure mere successiveness into patterns [50]

make life endurable [51] against the drear perspectives of ongoing

time? [52]

Make sense of their span 

fictive concords with origins and ends <– [53]

Moves off the plane of theory [54]

Break through its own paradigms

Reinvent cherishable world within prison of temporality [55]

The only distinction to hold up in the long run is the one between good

and bad [56]

From painting to painting from time to time

Far-ranging mockery

Wealth of possibility whose individual possibilities tend to cancel one 

another out 

Unfreedom felt as freedom and the reverse

Radical mistrust of language, writing, fiction, imagination [57]

Resist at same time as it stays in connection


New formed on the dead ground [58]

One “retracts” what has been done not by ignoring it or doing it new

But by discrediting it as the answer [59]

Discrediting its claims, to be what art has to be

–> representationalism [60]

“Freaking out,” “blowing one’s mind”

Motion of non-events [61]

Status in imagination [62]

Deprived of their tyranny [63] as fashionable facts [64]

Easy score

Redeem it from exhausted uses and servitude to other powers [65]

Do nothing but repeat its dead form [66] <–

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