11. “unmixed being”

At a later date the verse portions were separated from the prose and we thus obtain two forms of the Yajur-Veda, the older or mixed edition being called the Black Yajur-Veda, and the unmixed being called the White Yajur-Veda.

– William Spence Urquhart: ‘Pantheism and the value of life, with Special Reference to Indian Philosophy’, The Epworth Press, 1919

29. “Beyond essence, inconceivability Beyond light, limit, the unmixed, the unfettered the unchangeable, the untrammeled Intangible, invisible, illimitable Beyond “seeing,” beyond foul and fair”

O Trinity

beyond essence and

beyond divinity

beyond goodness

guide of Christians in divine wisdom

direct us towards mysticism’s heights

beyond unknowing

beyond light

beyond limit

there where the 

unmixed and

unfettered and


mysteries of theology

in the dazzling dark of the welcoming silence

lie hidden, in the intensity of their darkness

all brilliance outshining

our intellects, blinded – over-whelming,

with the intangible and

with the invisible and

with the illimitable,

Such is my prayer.

. . .

beyond foul and fair,

. . .

– The Pseudo-Dionysius: ‘De Mystica Theologia’ (‘The Divine Dark’)